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Los Angeles

After nearly a decade, The Oppenheim Group moved out of its longtime Sunset Boulevard office into a bigger, more lavish space right next door. This open-space environment of this Flagship office takes inspiration from the rich colors and decadent details of Old Hollywood, paired with more modern touches to achieve an interesting mix of classic and contemporary styles. Herringbone flooring creates an ambiance of warmth and subtlety, and mint velvet sofas from Rove Concepts and moody Midnight Blue walls add some Old Hollywood-inspired drama to the space. A remarkable focal point is the large Calacatta Viola marble bar, exquisitely crafted to captivate attention. Additionally, a creative transformation of a six-foot-wide billboard pole into a circular sofa, crowned with luminescent white steel pipes, adds a touch of artistic innovation. To soften the ambiance, faux succulents are thoughtfully placed throughout the office, while a captivating gallery wall showcases Samsung Frame TVs, encased in vintage-style frames. Mushroom-shaped brass lamps from Buster + Punch grace each Augustus Desk by Rove Concepts. An angular 11 Ravens pool table rests in one corner of the office, along with a cozy Whiskey bar and some mood lighting. Adjacent to the workspace, a library wall features antique vellum-bound books and vintage radios sourced by Jason Oppenheim, plus a humidifying LED-lit fireplace that exudes a soft orange glow. An audio system from Bang and Olufsen produces sound that rivals any renowned club in Los Angeles. With double the space and a fresh new design, the LA office is a true testament of The Oppenheim Group’s success and a glimpse into its future.

The Oppenheim Group Flagship Office – Los Angeles
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